The Partner

Specializing in Estate Cleanout, Estate Appraisals and Estate Sales in Windsor, LaSalle, Tecumseh, Lakeshore and Surrounding areas. Brian Price is a certified CPPA (Canadian Personal Property Appraiser), qualifying him to be the appraiser needed in estate settlements.

We seldomly take the time to understand what happens to our property upon our death. But Brian can help.

When a person passes away, their home and everything in it needs to be settled, and estate laws are constantly changing which puts added pressure on lawyers and executors to close estates properly so they can’t be tried for losses. This is why lawyers need a “street person” to take photos immediately to document all valuables, and assist in categorizing and securing them. They need an appraiser trained in evaluation.

Brian is certified to estimate the value of a home at the time of the owner’s death, as well as the documentation process of valuables within the home. You don’t always know what items have value, so getting the job done right may save you the trouble of losses later and CRA questions.

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