The Partner

CO2Sweep was established in 2008 by entrepreneur Reid LaFlair. Our goal is to help Southwestern Ontario businesses improve their facilities and maintain equipment through the use of dry ice cleaning technology. In our 15 + years CO2Sweep has been able to apply our services too: paint & coating removals, mold remediation, facility cleaning, food production cleaning, fire restoration, brick restoration, rust removal and much more. Expanding to include multiple dry ice blasting and Vapour (wet) blasting machines, accommodating various levels of abrasiveness. We are committed to helping you get a superior clean.  

CO2Sweep is interested in your cleaning challenge. No matter if your goal is, reduced labour, a superior level of clean, a more friendly process for the operators, less hazardous material to dispose of, or less downtime. Let our years of experience help you solve your issue and achieve your goal.

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